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Legal Sector Apps

We specialise in providing legal sector mobile apps for use within different legal sectors in the USA and UK. Our bespoke court utilities help enforce judicial standards and improve the Court’s sentencing duties.

Web Services

We provide web services for organisations requiring static, shared or dedicated web hosting. We partner with Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Rackspace and industry-partners to provide resilient and secure web applications. We help you implement CDN and SSL.

SEO, Search & Analytics

Search engine optimisation, structured data, rich snippets, tagging and page improvements combine to improve your search ranking. We help organisations improve website ranking, performance & resilience.


We use data technologies from Google, Amazon and Microsoft Azure to synchronise information and documents for Apple and Android Apps. We guarantee data currency for Apps that have to be right.

Bespoke development

You’ve got an idea for an App or website. You don’t know where to start. Ambay Software can be your outsource IT partner letting you focus in on the detail.

Customer support

Responsive support for all of our customers.
We provide same day customer support including technical advice, installation help, subscription management and optional on-line learning events.


Our Legal Sector Apps are used by thousands of users in UK, Europe and the USA. We ensure our Judges, Solicitors & Attorneys always have the latest judicial information. Our specialist tools and utilities improve Court efficiency and enforce standards in Courts in England and Wales. We always like to hear how our customer support and App are helping our customers. Have a look what our clients said about us.

Our Technology Partners

We partner with the following technology partners: